Reliability & Long Life


Tecmefilter produces reliable filters. The old adage of “if it can go wrong, it will” is taken seriously. Reliability is a major factor in design and manufacturing at Tecmefilter. Reliability is engineered and built in with the filter materials of sintered fiber construction for maximum strength and integrity … with filter materials of 18-8 stainless steel heat treated to maximum toughness and corrosion resistance to form filters so durable as to be capable of many lives by re-cleaning


Tecmefilter products are designed to provide long uninterrupted on-stream service life to minimize system shut downs for filter changes and the resulting costs of clean-up, air bleeding, fluid losses, etc. A long lie which results from using high area pleated construction techniques with the high capacity Tecmefilter depth filtration materials. A performance comparison of Tecmefelt filters with other typical media filters is shown on the following chart

It illustrates the long service life of the Tecmefelt filters … a property in addition to and not at the expense of their outstanding filtration and physical properties.