Performance & Applications

Performance to suit a wide range of applications are provided by large selection of configurations and specifications

FILTRATION ratings from 3 micron to over 250 microns nominal are available from the wide selection of our exclusive Tecmefelt materials and woven wire cloth

FLOW RATINGS from below 1 gpm to 800 gpm and higher are available with the wide range of filter sizes

LOW PRESSURE DROP to handle high viscosity fluids and high flow rates are provided by the pleated high are cylindrical cartridges.

STRENGTH to resist the high pressure drops from high viscosity fluids both during cold start-up and during high temperature run; from flow surges such as caused by sudden valve actuations and pump pulsations; from clogged filter media at the end of its on-stream life cycle; and from back flow during operation is provided as required. Strength that resists the loads without damage or release of previously filtered contaminants into the system and that provides continuing reliable system filtration

COMPATABILITY with most systems is realized by filter elements that approach universal applicability. Corrosion and heat resistant stainless steel material of the filters allow use in the most difficult system while the excellent flow and re-cleanable properties allow economical service in normal hydraulic and lube oil systems.

Tecmefilter elements can be used in the following applications:

  • High viscosity fluids with high flow rates
  • Chemical processes
  • Mobile equipment for hydraulic and pneumatic control system filtrations
  • Machine tool for servo, hydraulic, and pneumatic control systems filtration
  • Marine for hydraulic control and lubrication systems filtration
  • Other critical industries and process system applications where the filter properties of reliability, high performance, strength and cleanability are needed
  • Most universal applications