Tecmefilter has recognized that the modern micronic wire stainless steel felt-metal materials must have especially created manufacturing tools and techniques in order to bring their full performance potential to a complete filter assembly. The years of experience of Tecmefilter engineers with metal filter design and production has guided them in designing the new tooling, manufacturing procedures and process controls to insure uniform filter material of excellent metallurgical quality.

The following section outlines the construction techniques employed by the Tecmefilter engineers to bring their filter products to the outstanding performance characteristics as previously described.


First the Tecmefelt material is chosen from the many standard grades maintained in inventory at Tecmefilter and is processed to provide the needed filtration characteristics. An almost infinite choice of properties is available to enable the Tecmefilter engineers to meet a very wide range of performances. Suitable supporting meshes are also selected and heat treated as required to produce the desired properties.


Fabrication of the filter elements begins with pleating the filter material and both supporting screen together to provide a high effective area in a small envelope.

A typical Construction, as illustrated, displays the location of the outer screen for handling protection, the Tecmefelt for filtration, and the inner wire mesh for mechanical support and to provide flow space.

Side Seam

The pleated material is then formed into a cylindrical shape and the side seam is sealed with a carefully positioned weld which fuses the wire end together on the filter media and both the supporting screens. The structural integrity and non-migrating characteristics of the total surface is this assured.


A strong perforated stainless steel tube core is located inside the pleated Tecmefelt cylinder when requited to provide radial and axial strength against loads created by high pressure drop from flow surges, high viscosity fluids, ect…..A properly designed core which handles high flow at a negligible pressure drop while providing full support for the Tecmefelt filter material


The final assembly of the filter material to the filter end caps solves the challenging task of attaching the porous filter materials to heavy filter end caps in a manner that will permit the filter to withstand full system pressure drop while maintaining joint seal integrity and undiminished properties of the filtration material. Proper positioning of the filter material against the support core, cleanliness, proper sealing, and a solid non-migrating joint are critical for full filter performance and are provided in the Tecmefilter products.


Tecmebon is Tecmefilter’s most economical assembly technique and is used on filters that require full filtration and strength properties but that will operate in less severe environments. Hydraulic, lube oil, and similar service are the normal applications for Tecmebon filters.

The Tecmebon adhesive assembly process employs a high quality adhesive for bonding the filtration material to the filter end caps. The filter media is placed into the grooves in the filter end caps and bonded as shown. These filters area usually used as disposable filters, but may be re-cleaned after moderate service by simple procedures to be capable of re-use.


Tecmefilter uses their exclusive Tecmeloc mechanical process in the assembly of full performance stainless steel filters…..filters which are usable in the most severe temperature and corrosive environments.

The TECMELOC process has been developed by Tecmefilter engineers to suit the properties of the Tecmefelt material. Tecmeloc avoids the undesirable compromises incurred when older processes designed for wire cloth and sintered powder filters are adapted to the metal-felt materials. Careful study by engineers with a solid base of experience in design and production with welded, brazed, soldered and other filter assembly methods has guided the design of the Tecmeloc process.

The Tecmeloc mechanical assembly process uses a simple and reliable compression joint to perform the filter assembly task without the use of foreign materials or damaging heat. The pleated filter cylinder is shaped at the ends as shown and by the use of the exclusive Tecmeloc technique is permanently clamped to the end fittings. The design assures the secure attachment and proper positioning of the filter material against the supporting core to be ready to withstand the most severe pressure drop loads by use of a clean and corrosion free joint.