Cleanability & Engineering


The Tecmefilter metal wire cloth and Tecmefelt filter elements may be re-cleaned for re-use by simple back flushing, ultrasonic, chemical solvent, or high temperature procedures. The best procedure depends on the prior service conditions seen by the filter. The engineers at Tecmefilter will be happy to work with our customers to provide specific recommendations.


Tecmefilter has organized a strong engineering group to develop new special designs and to match standard designs to your requirements. Difficult filtration problems are welcomed and we are happy to develop new filters to interchange with and up-grade your present elements. Low cost solutions are our specialty.

The Tecmefilter standard designs are described on the separate catalog products pages. These standards are ideal for many applications; however a special design may be a better choice for reasons of performance, low cost or better availability. Other items are always in production at Tecmefilter … Items which provide a selection of tooling and inventory which can be used in a diverse group of production based specials.

Let us review your filter applications to show how we can supply lower priced and high performance products to better suit your filter requirements.